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Types of Business Organizations Boundless Finance

What Are the 4 Major Business Organization Forms?

The enterprise may die premature death due to the incapacity or death of the proprietor. High Secrecy – The proprietor has not to publish his accounts and the business secrets are known to him alone. Prospective employees may be attracted to the business if given the incentive to become a partner.

What Are the 4 Major Business Organization Forms?

There is greater scope for expansion or growth of business. Public sector undertaking – Alternatively known as Public Sector Enterprise . Unlike in many other Western countries, Canadian businesses generally only have one form of incorporation available. Unlimited liability corporations can be formed in Alberta “AULC”, British Columbia “BCULC” and Nova Scotia “NSULC”.

Types of Business Organization

The creation of a limited liability company requires an operating agreement and a state filing of articles of organization. In a partnership, the owners manage and control the business, and all revenue from it flows directly through the business to the partners, who are then taxed based on their portions of the income. A limited liability company that transacts business in states outside of its state of organization will have to apply for authority to do business in those foreign states.

What are 4 factors used to choose a form of business organization?

  • Cost of Start-up.
  • Control vs.
  • Profits—to Share or Not to Share.
  • Taxation.
  • Entrepreneurial Ability.
  • Risk Tolerance.
  • Financing.
  • Continuity and Transferability.

So personal properties of the owner can also be used to meet the business obligations and debts. The owners of the business want to enjoy limited liability. Despite its drawbacks, the company form of organisation has become very popular, particularly for large business concerns. Many of the drawbacks of a company are mainly due to the weaknesses of the people who promote and manage companies and not because of the company system as such. The company organisation has made it possible to accumulate large amounts of capital required for large scale operations. No partner can transfer his share in the firm to an outsider without the unanimous consent of all the partners. This makes investment in a partnership firm non-liquid and fixed.


A limited liability company is a corporate structure that protects its investors from personal responsibility for its debts or liabilities. Ultimately the type of business organization selected comes down to the owners’ level of concern over management control, liability exposure, tax issues, and business transfer issues. The C corporation is a tax entity in and of itself, so it files a tax return and is taxed based on the revenues of the business. Double taxation could occur when the shareholders or owners file individual returns based on any income they receive in the form of dividends from the corporation. A limited partnership must file a certificate with the information specified by its state of organization. State laws also permit out-of-state limited partnerships to be licensed to do business upon filing the appropriate application.

The freedom to set the company’s course of action is a major motivational force. Many sole proprietors simply thrive on the feeling of control they have over their personal future and recognition they earn as the owner of the business. The simplest way to start up a business on one’s own is to become a sole trader . The sole proprietorship, as its name implies, is a business owned and managed by a single individual. The general perception of sole proprietorships is that they are a small and insignificant part of the national as well as global economy. A OPC has ‘perpetual succession’, meaning uninterrupted existence until it is legally dissolved. Being a separate legal entity, it is unaffected by the death or any other form of departure of any member and continues to be in existence irrespective of the changes in ownership.

Sole Proprietorship Taxes

The corporate form of organization is basically continued indefinitely. The corporation’s existence does not depend on the fate of any single individual. Unlike a proprietorship or partnership in which the death of a member ends the business, a corporation lives beyond the lives of those who gave life to the organization.

It can have share capital or can be formed without share capital. In a sole proprietorship, an individual on his/her own account carries out the business or profession. No formal procedure or formality is required for setting up a sole proprietary concern. Real estate law corporationsIn the corporations of real estate law, the ownership or membership may be vested either in the real property or in a legal or natural person, depending on the corporation type.

Introduction to Business

Two or More Persons – To form a partnership firm at least two persons are required. Partnership form of business organisation in India is governed by the Indian Partnership Act 1932. The agreement between the partners may be in oral, written or implied. When the agreement is in writing, it is termed as partnership deed. ‘Sole Proprietorship’ form of business organisation refers to a business enterprise exclusively owned, managed and controlled by a single person with all authority, responsibility and risk. As the risk is limited to the value of shares held by one person, small entrepreneurs have not to fear litigation and attachment of personal assets.

  • A real drawback to a two-person general partnership is that at the death of one partner the partnership will most likely have to be dissolved.
  • The process of incorporation requires more time and money than other forms of organization.
  • Companies such as Crayola, Domino’s Pizza, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, and iSold It are operating under the limited liability form of organization.
  • In other words, you’ll find all the accountants in finance and all the marketers in marketing.
  • For example, the wedding photographer without any other employees can keep the business profits and earnings as income.
  • Because each option has both advantages and disadvantages, your job is to decide which one offers the features that are most important to you.

Individuals and firms who belong to the cooperative join together to market products, purchase supplies, and provide services for its members. If run correctly, cooperatives increase profits for its producer-members and lower costs for its consumer-members. Cooperatives are fairly common in the agricultural community. Incorporation also makes it possible for businesses to raise funds by selling stock. This is a big advantage as a company grows and needs more funds to operate and compete.

Enterprises requiring heavy investment (like iron and steel plants, medicinal plants, etc.) should be organised as joint stock companies. A limited liability company is a type of ownership structure that protects the owner’s personal assets in the event of a business fault or What Are the 4 Major Business Organization Forms? accident. A partnership is a type of business organization between 2 or more people. As partners, these individuals share management of the business and any profits and losses. For such sole proprietorships, a good business insurance policy would shield against most issues.

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